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Mahilou Authorities Cancel Lease Contract for Local BPF

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

If the local BPF organization does not find a new office during 1 month, they will receive a written warning from the Justice Department.

Ryhor Kastusiou, head of Mahilou regional organization of BPF, believes this way the authorities try to shut down the regional structures of the party.

Just recently Kastusiou received a new registration certificate for the organization. Today he began to look for a new office.

Ryhor Kastusiou told RFE/RL the municipality had given him a list of the offices for lease. Some of them are located in the same building from which they had just been moved.

Let us remind the readers that on March 7 police burst into the office of Mahilou BPF and seized 600 copies of Freedom newspaper and 1000 copies of leaflets for celebration of the freedom Day in Minsk. On March 12 Ryhor Kastusiou was summoned to the police office. The police officers asked questions about the status of the organization and checked the documents that confirmed that the lease contract was legal.

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