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City Authorities to Respond to Application for Permission to Hold Rally on March 25 Today

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Minsk municipality has not yet responded to the application to hold a street action on March 25. According to Henadz Kurbeka, head of the ideology department of Minsk city executive committee, says the documents are being proceeded.

Nevertheless, he pointed out: “October Square is a state square. It is designed only for state-organized events”. “Why do you call the people to come to October Square? And some people say “Kalinouski Square”! The official name is “October Square”. “Don’t fool people!” – I want to tell everybody who distributes the leaflets. It is October Square, but, naturally, you will not get a permission to have a rally there. October Square is a state square. Only for state events. Opposition members are not fools as well. They will not get a permission, because there is a law”.

Head of BPF Party Vincuk Viacorka comments on the statements of Mr. Kurbieka: “I had no doubts. There is a decision of the organizing committee to hold a rally on the so called October Square. When we receive the response, we will gather and decide what to do”.

Let us remind you, on March 23 Vincuk Viachorka will be tried for alleged used of foul language while he was walking home together with his children.

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