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Leader of Entrepreneurs Refuses to Participate in Uta Zapf’s Seminar

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”


The leader of the republican public association of entrepreneurs Perspective Anatol Shumchanka has refused to take part in the seminar Exploring the opportunities for Belarus within the European Neighbourhood Policy on 15 March in Minsk under the chairmanship of a vice speaker of the lower chamber of illegitimate Belarusian parliament Siarhei Zabalotets and the head of the PA OSCE working group on Belarus Uta Zapf. ‘I do not find it expedient to hold a seminar like this under the OSCE aegis. Today Belarusian vendors are to talk with each other there is no dialogue with the regime. Nobody is listening to us. The authorities are doing everything they want, paying no attention to vendors’ problems’, said Anatol Shumchanka.

The entrepreneur has reminded that the public association Perspective had many times tried to start a dialogue with he authorities. ‘How many times has Perspective tried to have a civilized dialogue with the regime, and organized forums and seminars? But the regime ignored them! So why are we to help them to solve their problems today and to take part in an event which is just for show? There are no people who could take decisions in the sphere of business there. It is ridiculous to think deputies of the “chamber” could decide anything… It’s high time Europe to take off rose-colored spectacles and take a realistic view of the situation in Belarus,’ the entrepreneur believes.

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