Police Detain Leader of Mahiliou Young Front

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On January 18 the police detained Maksim Azarau, leader of Mahiliou organization of Young Front. Maksim told Radio Racyja, at night he was on the railway station. He came to meet the train in order to get a parcel which was sent from Minsk with a train passenger. When he was leaving the station two men in plain clothes approached him and showed him their police signs. They suggested Maksim to follow them to the police station. According to the police officers, he looked like a suspected robber of women and children. In the police station the policemen seized the parcel he had received with the train and took him to Leninski police department. There the police officers did not even mention their previous suspicion. They were only interested in the contents of the parcel. In several hours they suggested to Azarau to sign the report of seizure. There were 395 leaflets “Freedom to Dashkevich!” and an 8-meter banner with the same slogan. The policemen also wanted to charge Azarau with an administrative offence – the printed materials did not have publisher’s info.

Maksim Azarau refused to sign the reports. According to him, he didn’t see his thing for three hours. During that time the police could put anything there. In three hours the parents of under age Maksim arrived. The police told him to wait. Nobody could explain what they were waiting for. Altogether, Maksim Azarka spent 5 hours in the police department.

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