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Board of BPF Youth Issues Statement about Pressure on Youth Activists

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Statement of the Board of the BPF Youth

In the run up to the local elections the Belarusian authorities increased pressure on the members of BPF Youth. Recruiting attempts, threats of expulsion from colleges, moral and physical pressure by KGB representatives, detentions and arrests are the evidence of the authorities’ fear of the Belarusian pro-democratic youth. Facts that occurred last weak reflect the essence of policy of our authorities towards youth activists, which can be described by one word – intimidation.

Taking all facts of pressure on the activists of BPF Youth in account, we, members of the Board of the BPF Youth, state that:

  1. all actions of the police and KGB officers are illegal and violate our rights;

  2. detentions of Ales Kalita and Nasta Aleksandrovich have been carried out with numerous violations of the legislation;

  3. court verdicts made in the cases against Ales Kalita and Nasta Aleksandrovich will be appealed against at the prosecutors’ office;

  4. we will legally defend our constitutional rights and interests, and will file complaints on the actions of police and KGB officers in case of illegal pressure on members of BPF youth;

  5. we will continue to spread the ideas of freedom, independence and revival, which are our ideological platform.

Board of BPF Youth

January 17, 2007

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