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Qualification Appraisal of actor of higher category of the state institution “M. Gorky National Drama Theater” Paval A. Kharlanchuk

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Paval Kharlanchuk, born in 1978, had a higher education.

He works in the state institution “M. Gorky National Drama Theater” since October 1, 2002. He has played in a number of plays stages by the theater. The theater administration initiated an experiment, giving P. Kharlanchuk an opportunity to direct several plays on the stage of the Gorky theater.

In March 2006 p. Kharlanchuk took part in an action, directed against the authorities of the Republic of Belarus. The law-enforcing bodies brought him to administrative responsibility.

Paval Kharlanchuk violated the moral principles of the theater. Instead of acknowledging his mistake during the gathering of the theater’s company, he behaved very defiantly and unethically, despite numerous conversations with the theater administration. By that he contrasted his personal convictions with generally accepted norms of lawfulness.

The Art Council of the Theater recognized the actions of the actor incompatible with the status of an actor and the National Academic Gorky Theater and proposed to suspend him from the current repertoire.

At present P. Kharlanchuk does not have any roles in the repertoire. That situation provokes nervous and unhealthy reaction of the company, which does not facilitate a positive and creative process.

On the basis of the above-mentioned facts and according to the decision of the Art Council of the theater we suggest not to recognize the fact that P. Kharlanchuk fails to meet the requirements of his job.

B. I. Lutsenka

Art director

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