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Pavel Krasouski Is Still in Custody

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

According to RFE/RL

The interrogation of the well-known activist Pavel Krasouski is going on. Today’s procedure is quieter compared to the previous day. The lawyer Pavel Sapelka hopes the interrogations will soon be over. Today he has paid a visit to the isolator where his defendant is kept. He also said that at the interrogations Mr Krasouski behaved bravely and disproved all suspicions that were put by the investigations. In the same cell with Pavel there are two persons, one of which has been previously punished for a felony. Tomorrow Pavel Krasouski will be visited by the other of his two lawyers, Viachaslau Praskalovich. The lawyers consult Krasouski on all cases on which he is suspected.

We should remind that there are two suspicions because of which Mr Krasouski is still in custody. One of them is that he participated in preparations of the explosions that took place in Vitsebsk on 14 and 22 September 2004 and the second is raping and murder of several under-aged girls in 1999. These felonies are especially hard ones and are punished by life or death sentence. None of these suspicions have been removed yet.

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