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Prosecutor’s office answers Kazulin’s complaint

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”


A political prisoner, former candidate for presidency Aliaksandr Kazulin was delivered an answer of Minsk prosecutor Mikalai Kulik about an order to dismiss criminal complaint. It was stated in the letter that institution of criminal proceeding on statements of Kazulin sent to the prosecutor’s office earlier, is denied. The politician had informed the prosecutor’s office about illegal actions of special units’ officers during the events in the run-up to the elections, and demanded to take measures of procuracy supervision relating these facts.

After reading the answer of the prosecutor, Kazulin was denied a possibility to receive the original of that answer or its copy. Kazulin wrote a complaint to the head of the remand prison concerning that. ˜In this denial I see an obvious intention of the prosecutor’s office not to leave their signatures at any documents, in order not to have responsibility for their actions in the future,’ Aliaksandr Kazulin said.

Besides, as the press service of Kazulin informed, after studying the court record the political prisoner stated that even a cursory glance at the documents show inconsistencies and misleadingly presented facts. In this connection he sent an appeal to the court to give the full copy of the court record to his lawyers. After receiving an answer to his motion the politician would challenge the record of the court.

As we have informed, last week Kazulin’s lawyer Dzmitry Harachka was denied making a full copy of the court record. Another lawyer of Kazulin, Ihar Rynkevich, filed an analogous application. Besides, after consultation with his client, applications for making copies of a deposition, 6 video cassettes, would be made.

The defence is planning to file an application to enter into the record the audio record of the court trial at a CD.

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