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Brest: Hunger-striker Liubou Rezanovich voices her basic demands

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

2 August was the second day of dry hunger-strike for Liubou Rezanovich, a participant of the hunger-strike of the owners of route taxis in Brest. In her interview to RFE/RL Mrs Rezanovich said she felt quite bad and often lost consciousness. She also passed to journalists an open letter to Aliaksandr Lukashenka and read her main demands.

Even in the case I sell my flat and all other property I wont be able to gather as much as 80 million rubles which they demand from me as a fine. Numerous applications to Brest Regional Executive Committee and other organizations were fruitless. They were met with incomprehension, obduracy and indifference. I havent consumed any food since 5 July and havent drunk any water since 1 August. My sons, 14-year-old Artsiom and 10-year old Pavel, see my sufferings& I love Belarus and my city, I love live. I want to work, bring up my sons as dignified citizens of our country. What official prepared this order that contradicts to all legal norms, completely ruins my life and can make my children orphans?

The hunger-strike in Brest started on 5 July. At present 15 persons take part in it, owners of route taxis, their relatives, drivers and two entrepreneurs. They protest against a wrong explanation of presidential decree #140 of 22 March 2004 about the republican due for importing automobiles for making profit. The people explain that they imported the cars earlier than 2004.

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