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Prosecutor’s office pressurizes Iauhen Skrabutan’s parents

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”


Today a deputy prosecutor of Zelva district has invited for conversation a mother of a scholarship holder of Kastus Kalinouski program, Iauhen Skrabutan, an activist of the Hrodna branch of the Young Front.

The 45-year-old woman has been asked by the prosecutor where her son lives and studies, and when he is going to visit Zelva. The pretext for the conversation, as explained by the prosecutor, was a document from Hrodna according to which Iauhen was previously registered in Hrodna, and now in Zelva. The conversation lasted for 15 minutes. The woman has signed written explanations that Iauhen studies in Poland, visits Zelva irregularly, and would not visit home in the near future.

In the beginning of this year Iauhen Skrabutan was evicted from the philology faculty of Hrodna State University on political grounds. In 2004 he was evicted for political graffiti, but then he managed to be reinstated in the university after he addressed the prosecutor’s office. Now Iauhen Skrabutan challenges his eviction from Hrodna University again.

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