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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

A Belarusian journalist and the Editor-in-chief of "Miestnaya Gazieta" (Vaukavysk) Andrei Shantarovich begged for political asylum in Ukraine, as reported the Radio Liberty on June 14, 2006. The journalist believes his life is in danger in Belarus these days.

It should be reminded that A. Shantarovich left for Ukraine in late March 2006 after three days of administrative detention on March 18-21, 2006, as if for hooliganism.

A. Shantarovich phoned the BAJ Press Service from abroad at the beginning of April. The journalist told the police and the KGB-men were looking for reasons to arrest him again and even sue him for a fabricated cause.

The "Miestnaya Gazieta" periodical seized publishing at the beginning of 2006. There appeared one newspaper issue only in January 2006. Just like a range of other non-governmental newspapers, "Miestnaya Gazieta" was deprived of possibilities to get distributed by subscription and through the news stalls. However, A. Shantarovich was planning to continue the newspaper publishing. Still, he didn't manage to publish a current "Miestnaya Gazieta" issue on the eve of Presidential election 2006, being strictly prosecuted by the Belarusian state authorities.

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