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Refusal to Pay Fines As a Protest

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”


Two more democratic activists from Homel region, Andrei and Katsyaryna Tolchyn, a husband and a wife, refused to pay fines. They have been fined for their civil activities. As the internet source informed, last week the administrative commission of Savetski district of Homel ruled to fine Andrei and Katsyaryna Tolnyns 155,000 BYR each for dissemination of printed materials published in defiance of the legal order and do not have imprint, and which contents is aimed at damaging the state and public order, rights and legal interests of citizens.

According to the information of Homel city branch of the public association Legal Initiative, this year 7 activists from Homel region have been fined for the same offence.

We do not plead guilty, and we are not going to pay fines. We do not have money or property which could be seized by the administrative commission, A. Tolchyn said.

The same situation is taking place in Svetlahorsk. Natallya Bordak refuses to pay the fine of 62,000 BYR. She has been fined for placing a poster of presidential candidate Alyaksandr Milinkevich in an inappropriate place for five minutes.

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