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The policemen of Savetski area detained friends of an unregistered youth organization “Zubr” at Kolas Square.

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The participants of March meetings at October Square Volha Sakalova, Lera Khotina, Siarhei Kulinchanka, Aliaksei Mikulchyk and Iaraslau Hryshchenia had been detained at Kolas Square. The attention of the policeman was drawn by bandanas with EU symbols and jeans ribbons. Volha Sakalova had a bulletin of the Freedom Day, a leaflet about Charnobylski Shliakh, two papers “Glotok Vozdukha” and a sticker. For that a report was drawn up on the article of illegal spreading of printed outputs without date-line. After that everyone was released. It's ridiculous - three papers and a sticker, is it a spreading. I was going just to read it - stated Volha Sakalova.
A bit later the policemen detained youth activists Mikhail Litsvinau and again Aliaksei Mikulchyk for person ascertainment, but having checked the documents released them.

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