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In Baranavichy members of the Aliaxandr Milinkievich’s initiative group were detained

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On 14 February at 6 p.m. three police officers headed by Major Eduard Sudnik, the chief of the prevention and public order section of Baranavichy Police Department, and one plain-clothed person broke into a private apartment at 32, 29 Kamsamolskaya Street in Baranavichy. Members of the Milinkievivich initiative group were there: Karnei Piatrovich (chief of the headquarters), Viktar Mieziak, Uladzimir Housha, Mikalai Sieviartsau, Viktar Aliakhnovich, Mikhail Minin and Aliaxandr Halkievich.
At the beginning the police said that they were visiting apartments, looking for producers of illegal alcohol and preventing thefts from apartments (there was a district police officer), but then they got down to business, saying that an unauthorized meeting was taking place there and demanded that each should provide explanations, which they noted down and then demanded that the people present there sign them. But the members of the initiative group refused, saying the police had been acting in excess of their powers. They showed their certificates issued by CEC, and passports, which however did not make any impact on the police. The initiative group members were kept for two hours, no one was allowed to leave, and after telephone conversations with their chiefs, the police officers started to make a report to register an unauthorized gathering.
According to the house residents, the police had been watching this house entrance since 16.30. They knew about the gathering of the initiative group by having tapped the phones. Also, when the members were leaving the house they saw a traffic police car outside the car of Karniei Piatrovich, the chief of the headquarters. The checkup of the documents continued for about 20 minutes

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