Svetlahorsk: Disciplinary Case Brought against Policeman for Destroying A Citizen’s Application

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Svetlahorsk District Procurator’s Office has brought a disciplinary case against the chair of Svetlahorski District Board of Internal Affairs Piatro Zykun for having destroyed the application of Andrei Muzychenka.

19-year-old Andrei Muzychenka is the chair of the youth wing of Svetlahorsk branch of Frantsysk Skaryna Belarusian Language Society. On 16 December he and another four citizens were taken to Svetlahorsk DBIA from the street, where they peacefully stood with candles in their hands. Andrei Muzychenka asked why they were detained, but received no answer. The policemen photographed his and took his fingerprints. The action was directed by the police major Piatro Zykun.

Several days later A. Muzychenka applied to the head of Svetlahorsk District Board of Internal Affairs with the request to check the legality of the police actions. According to the Law on applications of citizens, applications are to be considered obligatory. However, P. Zykun destroyed the application instead.

-- The procurator’s office conducted a check-up on this fact. This fact was confirmed. As a result, a disciplinary case was brought against the head of Svetlahrosk DBIA Piatro Zykun, -- said Svetlahorsk district procurator, justice advisor Mikhail Prus.

During the last months P. Zykun directed searches of flats, confiscation of personal belongings and detentions of public activists in Svetlahorsk.

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