Mikhalai Kaliuka, a member of the Homiel initiative group of Milinkievich, is pressurized and threatened by the discharge from the job

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The member of the initiative group of Milinkevich who works as the chief accountant of the Soviet Branch of Belinvestbank was warned that they would not continue working in the bank if he does not stop participating in the team of the opposition politician.
“About 5 p.m. I was visited by the chief of the bank security who called himself Mr.Pryhodzich. He told that while I was on a sick leave the received information that was agitating for Milinkevich last week. ”The visitor was explained that there not cases of agitation but a case of the collection of signatures. - report Radio Liberty. Pryhodzich admitted that the participation in such initiative groups deteriorated the image of the bank, and in April they would not renew the employment contract with him. The chief accountant was also proposed to agitate for Lukashenka. “You may be proposed a job in the main branch of the bank where he can have higher salary and promotion." - promised Mr.Pryhodzich.
The head of the Soviet branch of Belinvest bank Ivan Barycheusky says that nobody threatened to the collector of signatures, the workers saw that he was collecting signatures and wandered if he had a sick leave or was doing this in his free time. Nobody tried to threaten him. We talked to him because he had a sick leave. Mikhalai Kaliuka informed the Central Election Commission about the above-mentioned fact. The representative of the legal service of the Commission told Kaliuka that his appeal is directed to the Prosecutor’s Office.