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The activists of the Mahiliou branch of Zubr who were detained on the Minsk-Mahiliou highway are filing appeals to the Prosecutor’s Office against the illegal actions of the police officers

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On December 16 at a distance 20 kilometers from Mahiliou the police stopped two minivans with Zubr activists that were heading to Minsk. The police banned the minivans to continue motion because of the bad technical state of the vehicles. The young people got out the minivan and went hitch-hiking along the highway in the direction of Minsk.
Some of the activists reached Minsk. The other activists were persecuted by the police. There were about ten police cars. When the young people got out of the highway, tens of the police officers civilians and with dogs gathered around them. 16 activists of Zubr were detained.
The activists were kept in the police cars for about 3 hours. While the activists were sitting in the cars, The police did not make any documents required by law. After that the activists were released and had to go to Mahiliou by foot or hitch-hiking.
“Such extraordinary actions were taken against citizens of Belarus but against criminals. A lot of people and money resources were used to prevent the participation of the young people in the solidarity action in Minsk. According to the events, the government is passing through times of troubles, otherwise it would not be afraid of twenty young people".- said of the participants of the events to the press service of the youth movement

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