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The embassies of France and Germany made statements regarding the Visa Blackmail program shown by Belarusian TV on Sunday

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The information presented on 18 December by the First Belarusian TV Channel was called lies by the embassy of France to Belarus.
Visa Blackmail claimed that the employees of the French embassy tell the Belarusian youths to take part in opposition-led events. This is the information disclosed by two unidentified young people filmed from their backs. These people said that in “private talks” with the embassy representatives they were allegedly advised to “take part in street opposition-led actions” so as to get visas to the countries of the European Union.
“The French embassy dismisses such conversations as impossible. This is part of the propaganda war aimed to present the European Union as an enemy of Belarus", says the statement made by the Embassy of France.
The diplomats of the embassies of Germany to Belarus were indignant at what was shown on TV. Martin Hecker called the episode to be a lie that “undermines the relations between Belarus and Germany”.
"What is indicative is that top level Belarusian officials, members of the government and parliament together with their relations willingly come on visits to Germany, a country criticized by them. Obviously, so far they have normally received a long term multiple entry visa. At the same time there has not been a single case of a Bundestag deputy or a member of the Federal Government receiving a similar long term visa for entry to Belarus. But if the people who take state decisions and representatives of the state media say the opposite we will find it hard to maintain our good neighborly relations to the same extent", said the German ambassador Mr. Heck to the Radio Liberty correspondent.

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