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Administration of Vitsiebsk Veterinary Academy Illegally Searched Room of Zubr Activist

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The student of Vitsiebsk Veterinary Academy Liubou Kuchynskaia informed RFE/RL that the search in the hostel room where she lived was conducted in her absence, without any order:
-- When I came there from the classes people told me there was a search in my room. Then I was called to the provost’s office. At first he said that he would pass all the materials found in the room right to KGB and she would leave his office in handcuffs. Then the student was called by the rector, who also threatened she would be expelled from the academy.

According to Kuchynskaia neighbors, the search in her room was conducted by Audachonak, a functionary of the trade-union committee, the pro-rector on upbringing Lukina and an unknown person in plain clothes. The initiators of the search took it all with them. The alleged reason for the illegal search was an anonymous telephone call informing the officials the student had prohibited printed materials in her room. The administration representatives really found there about a thousand of different fly-sheets and stickers and confiscated them. They also paid visits to other rooms, but didn’t search them. They turned attention to the fact that “16th” stickers were posted everywhere (these stickers were also found in the searched room).

Ms. Kuchynskaia says she has been accused in distribution of stickers in the academy. This year she has been already detained for handing out stickers in the city and since then has felt the undiverted attention of the academy administration.

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