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Zinaida Hanchar "Investigator told me – "the case cannot continue because it did not stop during the past two years".

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Below is how Zinaida Hanchar commented to the Human Rights Center Viasna on the statement made for the press by Anatol Salauiou, deputy chair of the commission for legislation, and judicial and legal issues of the Chamber of Representatives.
"I phoned the procurator's office investigator Mr. Kukharonak, in charge of the Hanchar case, - said Zinaida Hanchar, - he said: "The case cannot be continued because it has not stopped". He cannot comment the information provided by Deputy Anatol Salauiou, because the case has not stopped over the past two years and, correspondingly, cannot be resumed. So we have to appeal to the people who say this. Absolutely, it is absolutely incomprehensible why they say that because deputies never were part of the procurator's office".

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