Independent Structures of Belarus and Azerbaijan Agree to Cooperate

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The signing of the cross-party agreement on cooperation became one of the most important results of the international conference entitled "Belarus and Azerbaijan in the second stage of fundamental democratic changes in the Post-Soviet Area" held on 17 September in Baku, reported Radio Liberty.
Alies Mikhalievich, Deputy Chair of the BPF Party, who headed the Belarusian delegation in Baku, was sure that despite the great distance separating these two countries, Azerbaijan and Belarus, have a lot in common: "What is common is that in both countries dictatorial regimes rule. In both countries Russia play a major role. For example, both in Belarus and Azerbaijan Russia has its radar stations. Russia also exerts an important influence on the internal political situation".
The representatives of the BPF Party and the Musavat Party agreed to coordinate their activities regarding the mentioned Russian radar stations, and also jointly present Belarus and Azerbaijan in some international structures.
In November Azerbaijan will go to parliamentary elections, where the local democrats hope to fare well. They want to mobilize the people to defend the true results of the elections.