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Another strike started by Siarhei Skrabiets has continued for a week now

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The renowned opposition politician, the head of the deputy group Respublika in the Chamber of Representatives of the Previous Convocation, continues his hunger-strike in Minsk temporary detention center, the so-called Valadarka. Since 10 September Siarhei Skrabiets has kept a second hunger-strike. This one, as the one before, protests against the authorities that, in the opinion of the former deputy, illegally keep him behind bars, reported Radio Liberty.
Siarhei Skrabiets's relatives are worried that he again decided to declare a hunger-strike. However, because he was unable to turn attention to his case in a different way, Siarhei Skrabiets had to declare a hunger-strike. This is what he wrote from behind bars to his younger brother Aliaxandr, who is charged in the same case as an associate.
The younger Skrabiets says that he is very surprised because Siarhei was charged with having violated three articles of the Criminal Code, and he was charged with only one article:
"I would say that I am even more guilty because I signed the documents. At that time Siarhei worked in the Chamber of Representatives, so I dealt with the business issues. Understandingly, I must be the prime suspect. It is me rather than Siarhei the police have been looking for for three years. As a result, they arrest both of us. But I was soon released. Then they charge me with one violation, and him with three".
Charges brought against Siarhei Skrabiets constitute 35 volumes of the criminal case. However, the former deputy refuses point-blank to read them.

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