Tadevush Havin is Finally Released

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On 1 September Tadevush Havin, who was the first chair of the Union of Poles in Belarus, was released from jail after the 30-day arrest. In the morning the police secretly drove him out by a police car. It was done purposefully, not to let friends and journalists meet him at the entrance.
At first Tadevush Havin was sentenced to 15 days of jail for participation in the meeting that took place during the visit of Donald Tusk, vice-chair of Polish Sejm, to Belarus. Tush stated he supported the new administration of the UPB with Anzhalika Borys at the head and that all Poles felt for the Polish minority in Belarus.
During this 15-day arrest Mr. Havin fell a victim of provocation. He was charged with beating of his cell-mate and was sentenced to 15 more days of jail. And on 27 August the authorities held the “repeated assembly of the Union of Poles”, which Havin couldn’t attend, being in jail.

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