Youth for Study in Belarusian

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According to RFE/RL
The 1 September meeting of teachers and pupils of Belarusian Humanities Lyceum with Belarusian language of instruction (that was liquidated by Belarusian authorities and now exists in underground) took place near the building where the lyceum used to be situated. The teachers congratulated the children and their parents with the new curriculum year and thanked for good progress in education demonstrated last year. As far as the children worked in Poland throughout the summer, the teachers decided to start the classes on 1 October.
At the same time several youth organizations sent letters to education departments of Belarusian towns and cities. They ask officials to report on the situation with Belarusian as language of instruction in their regions, whether they have enough books and other school aids. They also ask the officials why there are no forms where pupils are taught in Belarusian.
After the meeting Youth for Study in Belarusian started. The lyceum pupils and members of youth organizations held a number of flash-mobs in different parts of Minsk.

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