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Georgia angry at accusations brought against the Kkhmara activists

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Georgia discusses the detention of the Georgian youth organization Kkhmara activists in Minsk. Tbilisi calls absurd the accusations of the Belarusian KGB that Georgi Kandelaki and Luka Tsuladze interfered into the internal affairs of Belarus. The minister of education and science Kakha Lumaia personally knows Georgi Kandelaki and Luka Tsuladze. He says that their arrest in Minsk was perceived by the Georgians with pain because, in the minister's opinion, they were not guilty of anything and were detained illegally. "The regime that treats its own people in such a way (I mean the opposition and the public associations) act in the same way toward the foreigners. I think that this regime is doomed – the Belarusian people themselves will dump it", said the Georgian minister in an interview with Radio Liberty.
The minister of the Georgian government Kakha Lumaia says that the authorities in Tbilisi use all means to support the activists illegally detained in Minsk. At the same time he noted that the Georgina public organizations would retain close links with the Belarusian colleagues.
"I believe that these moves taken by the Belarusian government will not stop the democratic process happening now in Belarus. The Belarusian people has a lot of friends, and the Belarusian democrats and public activists also has a lot of friends, including Georgia", says the minister.
Minister Lumaia is convinced that arrests and deportations made by the Belarusian authorities testify to their weakness.
The Kkhmara movement activist Georgi Meladze, a close friend of Georgi Kandelaki and Luka Tsuladze, said in an interview with Radio Liberty that he does not believe the statements made by the Belarusian KGB, according to which his associates allegedly interfered into the internal affairs of Belarus, took part in unauthorized protests led by the opposition, or distributed printed periodicals with a destructive content.
"I do not think that that was why they came there. This is an absurd statement of the regime that seeks all possible reasons to cut itself off from the rest of the world", said Georgi Meladze in an interview with Radio Liberty.
Mr. Meladze informed that Luka Tsuladze is a theater director who stages plays in different theaters in Georgia. Georgi Kandelaki graduated as a political scientist from the philosopher's faculty, currently works as a journalist, contributes to various media in Georgia. At the same time, both Tsuladze and Kandelaki are Kkhmara activists and took part in the revolutionary events in Georgia. Mr. Meladze said to RL that the arrest of his friends was perceived in Georgia as an event very unpleasant but quite common for Belarus today.
The Belarusian authorities plan to deport the mentioned citizens of Georgia Georgi Kandelaki and Luka Tsuladze from the country. After the Kkhmara activists were detained in Minsk the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia released a statement that condemned "ungrounded detention of the Georgian citizens by the Belarusian side". The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia assessed these actions as "provocative" and demand "immediate release" of the detained activists.

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