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Siarhei Skrabiets's brother signed an undertaking not to leave the city

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On 25 August Aliaxandr Skrabiets, the younger brother of the former deputy and the head of the deputy group Respublika, the opposition politician Siarhei Skrabiest, was called to the procurator's office. There he had to sign an undertaking not to leave the city.
Aliaxandr Skrabiets is believed to be an accomplice to the affairs of his elder brother. Just like the former deputy, he is charged by terms of three articles of the Criminal Code. The investigators think both brothers are behind having swindled the state out of the credits. On 25 August the procurator's office informed the younger Skrabiets that they had in this way inflicted on the state damage worth 498 thousand US dollars. More than that, both brothers are accused of urging their acquaintance to bribe the state prosecutor and the judge of the Brest regional court in the amount of 30 thousand dollars.
In May Aliaxandr Skabiets spent almost a week in the Brest-based temporary detention center. However, he was released after he had promised he would come to the investigators as required. The younger Skrabiets said that over the past three months he has repeatedly been summonsed for interrogations and he has never failed to come to the procurator's office.
Siarhei Skrabiest himself, who is now being examined in the prison hospital in Minsk, dismisses the charges. He emphasizes that the credits were taken from the bank after he was elected a deputy. That's why, according to the Law on the Deputy Status, he dropped his activities as a businessman. The charges brought against him are, in the ex-deputy's opinion, revenge for his political activity. This is the reason why he refuses point-blank to give any evidence, reported Radio Liberty.

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