The detained oppositionists Uladzimier Katsora and Uladzimier Siakerka for violating the "border stay rules"

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Radio Liberty said on 18 August in Loeu the police detained the deputy chair of the regional branch of UCP Uladzimier Katsora and the secretary of the regional branch of the Party of Communists of Belarus Uladzimier Siakerka. They allegedly violated the "border stay rules".
Major Khmielianok, the district police department, guided the detention. The party activists are accused of violating the rules of entry into the border area. (Loeu district is on the border with Ukraine.)
The police and border guards stopped the car with the opposition party activists at the entrance to the district capital. What is interesting is that when Mr. Katsora and Mr. Siakerka showed their business travel documents, they were first allowed to pass, but then were detained, senior lieutenant Uladzimier Dziemidzienka drew up administrative reports registering their allegedly violated entry into the border zone.