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In Hrodna Region they continue to prepare for the repeated sixth congress of the Union of Poles in Belarus

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The repeated congress of the Poles in Belarus is due on 27 August in Vaukavysk, however, the supporters of Anzhalika Borys, who was elected the chair of the organization in March, do not recognize the repeated congress. The other side that supports the former chair Tadeusz Kruczkowski argues that the repeated congress is legal and will solve all the problems. The representatives of the authorities convincingly claim that they have in no way interfered with the affairs of the Poles, reports Radio Liberty.
Andrzej Pisalnik, the unofficial press secretary of UPB, is sure that all the preparation for the congress is just farce: "This all looks even funny because in Zabalotski section which has 600 members, only a few showed up for the congress. And they nominated delegates to this congress. This is farce".
The chair of Navagrudak section of the Union of Poles Voitak Baradzin spoke about the nomination procedure: "I resigned as the chair. But the authorities conducted this congress themselves. They said there were altogether about 70 people. This is hard to believe because 15 people have already submitted their withdrawal requests".
Chair of Shchuchyn section of UPB Viktar Bohdan who supports the position of Tadeusz Kruczkowski, believes that the authorities do not interfere with their affairs, while the conflict in the organization became a political one when the public organizations should be involved with culture and resurrection of the language.
The only thing that remains obvious is that since the sixth congress in April neither side has changed their positions.

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