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Unknown hackers attack United Civil Party web site

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

UCP informed that over the past days the official party site has been hacked three times. The UCP leader Anatol Liabedzka explains at that the site contained information received from sources in the "vertical" of Lukashenka about the clan struggle in the power structures in Belarus: I think that this is a very nervous reaction to this information. So long they kill the site, which is good news. Living people do not get killed".
At the beginning the visitors to the site simply could not access it, during the last time the hackers placed their own view of the recent developments in the country, reports Radio Liberty. The same happened to the internet site of the human rights organization headed by Ludmila Hraznova.
Observers note that unidentified persons only have one goal to achieve as they paralyze the site – make sure unwanted information does not spread; sometimes this is done by ruffians. In this case the first reason prevails, because the hackers placed their own negative information about the inner circle of Aliaxandr Lukashenka, claiming they are real patriots.
The UCP leader Anatol Liabedzka believes that this was done to set up the site creators through the nervous reaction of the authorities: "Over the past days we have had more than three thousand visitors every day. So we were shown how the authorities will react to the information we communicate and send. This is fear of information. The more people know about what happens in the inner circle of Aliaxandr Lukashenka, the fewer people will support the regime. I think this is only the beginning of the election campaign. We have to expect virtual elimination of the alternative legal media".
Anatol Liabedzka is sure that during the would-be presidential campaign the sites of the independent media or public associations will be hacked from time to time.
The acting head of the press service of UCP Katsiaryna Tkachenka said: "We know that KGB has created a special service responsible for viewing opposition sites, the communications and all forums. The best programmers available in Belarus were offered jobs in this service. When we asked the so-called patriots: "Where were you the day after the referendum? Where were you during our "Chains of Concerned People"? - they told us: "We always were next to you in all chains and in all Marches of Freedom". We recalled such people in plain clothes. We saw radios on the their ears. They showed the riot police whom to take away".
Public organizations encounter such events from time to time. Observers note that their sites become more professional. This is why internet information gets blocked. However, neither representatives of the human rights center of UCP, nor the party officials will ask the police or the procurator's office to find those behind. Why? They do not believe this problem can be solved.

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