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Chair of Viasna Mazyr District Branch Is Warned

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On 27 July Uladzimir Tsieliapun, chair of the liquidated Mazyr district branch of Human Rights Center Viasna, was warned by the police.

Here’s his testimony:

“On 22 July 2005 I was summonsed to Kalinkavichy District Procurator’s Office for 9 a.m. on 27 July 2005. The summons was signed by S.V. Iarmolienka, inter-district procurator.

On 27 July I came to the procurator’s office where I was given “Official warning about inadmissibility of law violation” #12D-05 of 14 July 2005, concerning Articles #367 and 368 of the Criminal Code (insult of president) signed by the justice advisor S.V. Iarmolienka.

The warning was issued on the basis of the report of the police lieutenant A.A. Damanchuk in which it was specified that he, together with the chair of Kalinkavichy District Board of Internal Affairs A.N. Dubrou and the Iu.Ie. Zholodz detained U.A. Tsieliapun on suspicion in commitment of a crime.

(In fact, my detention was conducted by the police lieutenant A.A. Damanchuk and three policemen in plain clothes. They introduced themselves neither during detention, nor at Kalinkavichy DBIA, though I demanded it from them. The head of Kalinkavichy DBIA was present there. He was in the uniform and wore badge.)

In the report it was also specified that among the opened files there were files with cartoons of Lukashenka. In fact, despite my protest, the police captain D.A. Voliak “occasionally opened

The investigator S.V. Surma ignored my objection that copies pre-electoral fly-sheet of the candidate Lukashenka (distributed during the election of 1994), his demonstration of torn clothes when he was beaten by the police during the seizure of his office after the first vote of that election were published officially in all central newspapers and aren’t cartoons.

When I said that the whole procedure of the case consideration failed to meet legal demands, the senior justice advisor answered he was only an executive.

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