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Two residents of Vitsebsk were fined three million each for Independence Day congratulations

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On 27 July Barys Khamaida and Siarhei Mirkushou came to the center of Vitsebsk with a white-red-white flag and a poster "Congratulations on All with Independence Day!" This is how they decided to remind their compatriots of the State Sovereignty Declaration adopted by the Supreme Soviet of the Belarusian Soviet Socialist Republic on 27 July 1990.
After 25 minutes the opposition activists were detained by police and special riot squad. After reports were made, both of the detained men were taken to Chuhunachny Borough Court right from the police station.
The judge ruled that Mr. Khamaida and Mr. Mirkushou would have to pay fines – 3 million 185 thousand Belarusian rubles each. They were accused of organizing a civil action without the authorities' permission.
Meanwhile the festivities dedicated to the anniversary of the State Sovereignty Declaration, that were authorized by the city executive committee, took place: the BPF party members that had filed an application for a festivity the authorities allowed the event. Not in the center of the city, in Freedom Square as was requested by the organizers, but in Culture and Recreation Park Mazuryna on the outskirts. The organizers agreed to these conditions, because in the past few years this is the first time the Independence Day celebrations initiated by the opposition representatives are allowed in Vitsebsk.

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