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Bandazheuski's sentence in prison reduced by one year

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The imprisoned professor Iury Bandazheuski, who is serving his sentence in the correctional facility No.26, had his punishment reduced by one year, reported Radio Liberty.
As a result, the professor will have to spend about five and a half months until 6 January 2006. It is still not known whether the authorities would parole the scholar.
According to Mrs. Bandazheuskaya, the other prisoners in this facility who had less than a year left had been paroled long ago. Professor Bandazheuski works as a mechanic on an agricultural farm in Lida District.
Iury Bandazheuski had been sentenced to eight years in prison. At the start of the year the professor could have been paroled because he had served two thirds of the term, however, they did not release him. The facility administration considered that Bandazheuski had not reformed or admitted his guilt. Earlier the professor already had a year taken away from the sentence due to amnesty. International organizations have declared him a political prisoner in Belarus.

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