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On 27 July the detained members of the Union of Poles were tried in Lida

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

For the allegedly unauthorized picket on 3 July, the senior editor of the Magazyn polski Andrei Pachobut was sentenced to 15 days of administrative arrest, Mechyslau Iaskievich and Iuzaf Pazhetski were given 10 days of arrest each.
We would like to remind you that the members of the former Supreme Council of the Union of Poles in Belarus, who together with the former chair Tadeusz Kruczkowki and the Ministry of Justice did not recognize the results of the last congress of the organization and the election of the new leaders, held their own sitting in the Shchuchyn House of Poles today. According to one of the participants of this session Kanstantin Tarasievich, the session was attended by 14 people. All in all, the former Supreme Council of the Union of Poles in Belarus was composed of 35 people. Before the session Kruczkowski and his associates expelled 8 members from the organization, including Anzhalika Borys who had been elected the new chair of the UPB. 13 people came to Shchuchyn who had brought along another 5 paper with so-called delegated votes. Those who attended the session in Shchuchyn now declare there has been quorum and the session has been legitimate. It became known that the new congress would be held on 27 August in Vaukavysk. The house where this session took place was heavily guarded by police and other special units, the entrance to the House of Poles in Shchuchyn was in fact blocked. At the same time, a group of Polish TV journalists from the TVP Channel were detained because one of the journalists did not have an accreditation paper. Also, on the road to Shchuchyn Veslau Keuliak, one of the famous UPB activists, was detained.

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