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Sviatlana Zavadzkaya was summonsed to the procurator's office

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The wife of the disappeared Belarusian journalist Sviatlana Zavadzkaya was summonsed to the procurator's office of Tsentralny Borough of Minsk. The investigator asked questions about what happened at Kastrychnitskaya Square, where the riot police officer twice punched Sviatlana Zavadzkaya in the face during the dispersal of the Chain of Concerned People event.
The conversation with the investigator of the Tsentralny Borough Procurator's office Dzmitry Luhin lasted for about an hour, Sviatlana Zavadzkaya told Radio Liberty. After she described to the investigator everything related to the incident, she was again sent for medical examination. Before the doctors confirmed traces of two punches on the face. Today the same diagnosis was confirmed.
Also, during the conversation with the investigator Sviatlana named the people who could give evidence. I would like to remind you that the wife of the disappeared ORT cameraman Zmitsier Zavadzki insists the riot police officer was the first to hit her and demands that he be criminally punished. She does not know the name of this man, however his face is in the film shown on Russian TV channels after the incident. According to Sviatlana Zavadzkaya, the investigator did not disclose this man's identity to her.
The incident took place on 7 July, Sviatlana Zavadzkaya registered the offence with the procurator's office the following day, 8 July. So, why did it take the procurator's office investigator so long to see Sviatlana Zavadzkaya?
Last Friday Tsentralny Borough Procurator's Office explained that they "could not find Zavadzkaya to summons her to the procurator's office". Sviatlana Zavadzkaya then told Radio Liberty that she did not believe these explanations. Even today after the conversation with the investigator, the woman did not change her opinion.
According to Sviatlana Zavadzkaya, the investigator's questions were ordinary: he did not demonstrate his personal opinion of the case in any way. "The investigator warned me that most probably the examination would take longer than expected", said Sviatlana Zavadzkaya.
Meanwhile, at the end of the last week Tsentralny Borough Procurator's Office said that the results of the examination could be expected already today or tomorrow, 26 July. What caused the delay, Sviatlana Zavadzkaya does not know.
Dzmitry Luhin refused to provide commentary. He did not talk with the journalists of the Russian ORT TV Channel, who came to the Tsentralny Procurator's Office of Minsk specially to talk to Sviatlana Zavadzkaya leaving the premises.
Minsk police provided this commentary with respect to the 7 July incident – "Sviatlana Zavadzkaya herself provoked the riot police office who accidentally caught on her, when brushing her aside". Meanwhile, the recording of that incident was repeatedly shown by the Russian TV Channels ORT, RTR and NTV. The recording clearly shows a riot police office punching Sviatlana Zavadzkaya twice in the face.

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