Summer camp for law school students broken up

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

From 19 till 28 July a summer camp organized by the Innovation Foundation of Legal Technologies (Belarus) for law students was to have taken place. This event was to have been held in a tent town put up by the Belarusian-German center Nadzeya. However, at the end of the working day on 18 July the leadership of the Nadzeya center refused to provide accommodation and catering for the camp participants, quoting as the reason the "Anti-sanitation conditions of the tent town". Because of this the students had to be urgently informed (many of whom had already set off) of this situation and of the possible postponement of the camp.
The Foundation of Legal Technologies doubts the veracity of the refusal reasons used to prevent the camp on the territory of the Belarusian-German center Nadzeya.
Because of this, the Foundation of Legal Technologies appealed to the embassies, international organizations, legal associations and human rights groups to help it organize and hold a summer camp for human rights for Belarusian law students in August 2005 outside the Republic of Belarus.