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The local resident of Ivatsevichy district was fined 204 thousand rubles for distributing printed periodicals

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

According to Radio Liberty, the administrative commission of Ivatsevichy District Executive Committee fined the local resident Stanislav Khaladovich 204 thousand rubles for illegally distributing printed periodicals.
The reason for the punishment was that Mr. Khaladovich distributed in Hortal, Ivatsevichy District, the Russian newspaper Novaya gazeta, the brochure by Vasil Liavonau "With no right to make a mistake" and the news bulletin covering the activities by the Five Plus coalition.
When Stanislau Khaladovich (who earlier was a police office, by the way) left the village, all of a sudden police appeared there to confiscate from the local residents the printed materials taken by Mr. Khaladovich from the district capital. The report registering the administrative offence was drawn up in Ivatsevichy. Importantly, neither the protocol, nor the decision adopted by the administrative commission did not specify which law Mr.Khaladovich had violated.

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