The son of the leader of Minsk city branch of the BPF Party Uladzimier Kishkurna, Anton was officially charged

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Anton Kishkurna, 22, detained in the night of 9 and 10 July, was officially interrogated on 12 July for the first time. During the interrogation, the son of the BPF Party activist was officially charged. This is the information disclosed by Anton's lawyer Aliaxandr Halieu to Radio Liberty: "During the interrogation he was charged by terms of Article 328, part 2, and also by terms of Article 295, part 2. These articles concern illegal distribution of drugs and ammunition storage. Anton only pleaded guilty to the storage of ammunition. He found them in a hunting house, and did not know that this was a crime. As regards the illegal distribution of drugs, he does not admit the guilt".

These articles may send the BPF Party activist's son to prison for up to 8 years. Simultaneously, the lawyer of Anton Kishkurna refrains from evaluating the actions of the police with respect to his defendant and to the search performed by the police officers in the house of the Kishkurna family, because he has not familiarized himself with the case materials. Aliaxandr Halieu says that the printing press found in the house of the chair of the Minsk City Council of the BPF Party and taken away by unidentified people in plain clothing is not mentioned in the criminal case materials.
Uladzimier Kishkurna has not been summonsed to the interrogations so far. After the charges to his son were announced, Mr. Kishkurna said: "Apparant lies! I am the chair of Minsk City Organization and they want to set up the BPF Party. They want to discredit and scare us. They showed a lot of lies on television. Neither my so nor I have anything to do with drugs".
The chair of Minsk City Council of the BPF Party is going to consult his lawyer and will demand that BT and ONT, both state-run television companies, refute the untrue information about his family. After the search in Kishkurna's house, the detention of his son and the seizure of the printing press, the state-owned channels broadcast reports, according to which the opposition not only prints illegal fly sheets but also collects weapons and sells drugs.