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Provocation staged by the authorities and artificial accusations only intend to scare people, says the chair of the city branch of the BPF Party Uladzimir Kishkurna

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Officers of Tsentralny Borough Board of Police in Minsk searched the house owned by the chair of the city branch of the BPF Party Uladzimir Kishkurna and detained the owner's son Anton. On 10 July TV channels BT and ONT showed a report that claimed the opposition not only prints anti-government fly sheets but also keeps a stock of weapons and drugs.
They took from Uladzimir Kishkurna's son a hunting cartridge and also two magazines for a Makarov pistol, and one for a sniper rifle. In a shed attached to the house the police found a printing press. Anton Kishkurna was detained and placed into a detention center. According to the lawyer Aliaxandr Halieu, Anton told the police that he was going to hand over the cartridges to the police within the Arsenal operation. He denies his involvement in the distribution of drugs. Also, Anton's lawyer said that so far drug distribution charges have been brought against the detained man. On 12 July he will be officially charged, the new counts may well include keeping a stock of ammunition. He may be imprisoned to up to five years in prison.
Uladzimir Kishkurna's wife Valiantsina explains: "These are three cartridges that he has collected in his entire life. He just forgot all about them. He found one cartridge in a hunting house, and one – in his uncle's place. The uncle wanted to throw them away but Anton saw them and begged the uncle to give them to him. He took them home, put them somewhere and forgot all about them". On 11 July Valiantsina Kishkurna filed with the procurator's office a statement asking that the son be released under a written undertaking not to leave the city.
Uladzimir Kishkurna is indignant at the illegal actions of the authorities and believes this action is a provocation that targets himself and his family, he said to Radio Liberty: "They found a pretext, which may connected with Anton I don't know. But they use the occasion to scare us. To make sure we do not do anything and vilify us in the eyes of the people. I do not get involved in shadowy deals."
Uladzimir Kishkurna says that he did not print any fly sheets and newspapers in his home, a friend leaving the equipment at his place for a while. Also, the search was completely illegal because it was not authorized by the procurator.

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