Belarusian authorities fear distribution of independent information

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Late in the evening on 9 July about 15 people, with most of them in plain clothes and several people uniformed as police, forced their way inside the privately-owned house of the chair of the city branch of the BPF Party Uladzimir Kishkurna. At that time only the adult son of the Belarusian opposition son who could not in any way prevent the actions of the so-called law enforcement agencies. The unauthorized entering into privately-owned housing was grounded on alleged information regarding distribution of drugs.
Without a search warrant, the police smashed the window open, broke the door, saw the locks off the shed locks and the cellar, carefully rummaged through the papers of the house owner – all of which was done without witnesses and called simply inspection. As a result they found a printing press, which was confiscated, and detained the public activist's son Anton Kishkurna without bringing any charges.
The chair of the human rights center Viasna Alies Bialiatski comments on the events: "This is a flagrant violation of the human rights and laws, and procedural regulations. In fact, an unauthorized search was conducted – this is a really large-scale operation, absolutely faked-up charges have been brought against the son of the opposition party activist. Obviously, the main reason for the search was the printing equipment, whatever the Belarusian authorities might say. It was confiscated illegally. We see how much Lukashenka's regime is afraid of independent information being distributed, it does its best to suppress what is left of free speech in Belarus. But this shows that it feels: its end is nigh.

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