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Police Don’t Return System Block to Uladzimir Tsieliapun

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

In the evening of 29 June in the town of Kalinkavichy the police detained Uladzimir Tsieliapun, chair of Mazyr town branch of Human Rights Center Viasna. Mr. Tsieliapun took the system block of his computer back from his Homiel friend Uladzimir Katsora, who had repaired it. After their meeting Uladzimir Tsieliapun was detained on the way to a bus stop by three policemen – one of them was in the uniform and the other two – in plain clothes. They took Mr. Tsieliapun to Kalinkavichy Town Board of Internal Affairs.

Nevertheless, they connected a display and turned the computer on, saying they needed to register the information about the volume of the memory. In presence of witnesses police captain D. Voliak opened private files without permission of the owner, who pointed this fact as violation of secret of private and family information in the police report about the “examination”. The police sealed the system block and left it at Kalinkavichy TBIA. At the TBIA they put down the numbers and the models of the details. On the request of Tsieliapun there also came U. Katsora, who stated he had given the system block to Mr. Tsieliapun.

Uladzimir Tsieliapun is going to complain to the head of Kalinkavichy TBIA and to the local procurator against the lawless arrest of the system block.

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