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Five Police Officers Burst into Private House of Opposition Activist in Homiel

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

According to RFE/RL

At the afternoon on 11 June five police officers got over the high fence of the private house of Viktar Karnieienka in Palieskaia Street in Homiel and burst into the house.

The police captain Pryshchepau said that they came to check whether the telephone call information that a girl was being violated in the house was true. In fact, at that time representatives of the unregistered movement Lemon spoke with their colleagues from Russia and the Ukraine about their daily problems. The police tried to shoot the present persons with a camera, but the youth didn’t let them do it. Having taken explanations from the activist of Lemon Siarhiei Siamionau, the police left the house.

The politician Viktar Karknieienka considers this intrusion a provocation. According to him, the police have already burst into this house in Palieskaia Street for about ten times for invented reasons. That’s why he is going to complain against the lawless police actions to court and procurator’s office.

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