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Young Front activists expelled from educational establishments

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The Young Front activist Kiryl Shymanovich, 18, who is a student of the law school at Belarusian State University, spent 10 days in prison for taking part in the Chernobyl Way. After he was released, he found out that he had been expelled from the college on the order of the Ministry of Education despite his excellent achievements and conduct as a student.
The other day Zhodzina Polytechnic College expelled the minor Siarzhuk Murashka without explaining reasons. He was detained during the dispersal of the Chernobyl Way, after which he spent a day in a detention center in Akrestsina Street.
The administration of the Zhodzina secondary school, where the Young Front activist Alies Smolski is a student, suggested that his parents transfer him to another school. Alies Smolski was detained in Minsk during the dispersal of the 26 April action. Recently Alies was unjustly expelled from a military school for being a member of the Young Front and collecting signatures under a petition to rename the school.
Many members of the Zhodzina branch of the Young Front suffered from the persecution. Paval Krasouski was expelled from the Teachers' Training College, Siarzhuk Savich – from the Internal Affairs Academy, Zmitsier Chartkou dropped out of the directors' department of the Art Academy.
In Hrodna the administration of the state university first expelled two young front activists – Alies Kursievich and Iauhien Skrabutan, and then – the leader of the regional organization Alies Zarembiuk. They were all students in the philology department. Alies Kursievich and Iauhien Skrabutan were detained and tried for the inscription: "Stop Russianization!" Iauhien is under the legal age and he was able to reinstate his place in the school.
Alies Zarembiuk was an honors student. He was expelled after registering as a candidate to the Maskovski Saviet. (according to Radio Liberty)

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