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BPF Candidate Ryhor Kastusiow Reveals Violations of the Law

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

BPF candidate in Shklow district # 75 Ryhor Kastusiow found a number of violations of the Election Code. He states:
1. On the instruction of Bialynichy police, Bialynichy store # 1, Bialynichy alcohol beverages store, Vishy village store and some other shops removed campaign posters of candidate Ryhor Kastusiow.
2. On the instruction of Bialynichy, Shklow, and Mahilow district executive officials, management of state enterprises and villages administration delivers voters to polling stations for early voting by force. For example, on October 14 Rechki (Mahilow district) agro-enterprise manager ordered to deliver workers to polling stations. As the result, 80 % of the company staff voted early.
In Brakava village (Mahilow district) village residents were taken to polling stations by buses. The early voting was organized by collective farm top management.
Chair of Bialynichy executive committee organized a meeting of top managers of state companies located in the district on October 14, 1 p.m. He instructed the managers to ensure the turn out of their subordinates of no less than 60% before the Election Day.

3. At all polling stations of Mahilow district there are self-made samples of ballot papers pasted on the walls. The sample ballot papers list 4 candidates, with the mark in the box of candidate # 2. In the real ballot papers candidate # 2 is incumbent MP Uladzimir Kanaplow.
4. In many polling stations (for example, in Brakava village) there are no polling-booths. Voters vote directly in front of the commissioners. This is violation of the secrecy of the ballot.

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