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Closer to the election day the pressure upon democratic candidates started to be unusually heavy. October 15 have become the first day when CEC did not satisfy any complaint about baseless registration abolishing.

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On October 15 seven complaints from the candidates about baseless abolishing of registration and one complaint about a warning were discussed by CEC. None of the complaints was satisfied.

Andrej Sumar stood for the elections in Brest Central district #2. His registration was stopped because he included a firm in his tax return which belonged to him and was registered in Ukraine. But the firm was liquidated and cut out of the register. Sumar did not know about that. The district commission sent a letter of inquiry to Ukraine and got a reply with information about the liquidation.

Bahdanovich Maryna stood for the elections in Lida city district #56. The registration was abolished because of “slander about the head of the state”. During her speech on the radio Bahdanovich said that the President became richest person in Belarus due to selling of unregistered weapons.

Sivokhin Viktar, a colonel and participant of the war in Afghanistan, stood for the elections in Lagoisk electoral district #82. The registration abolishing is caused by the accusation in giving out pens with a slogan “Vote in favor of Sivokhin” to the voters in villages. Those pens were considered to be “subornation of voters”. Besides during a search in his election headquarter 11 000 of leaflets were found in stead of 10 000 stated officially. So, the circulation of the leaflets was also exceeded.

Dabravolski Aliaksandar stood for the elections in Svislach electoral district #96. His registration was cancelled for distribution of agitation materials together with the newspaper “Narodnaja volia” and “Nedzelia”. About 10 appeals were given on behalf of citizens of the electoral district written with the same wording (Dabravolski streesed this fact in his complaint). At the same time it was claimed that the agitation materials were distributed in some packages and there is information that the same packages were distributed during a football match “Belarus-Maldova” at “Dynama” stadium. The head of electoral commission, Mikalaj Bilin, is the director of the “Dynama” stadium. That was an obvious provocation as in the packages at the stadium there were leaflets of the Christian-Conservative party with a call to boycott the elections.

Palevikova Valiantsina stood for the elections at the Kupalauskaja electoral district #97. Her registration was cancelled because it was said that during pickets her leaflets were distributed together with the newspaper “Narodnaja volia”. V/ Palevikova claimed that only her materials were distributed.

Tsynkevich Aliaksandar stood for the elections at Staravilenskaja district #105. The registration was cancelled because of “slander about the head of state”. During his speech he said: “I will be a real parliamentarian able to resist against stupid decrees, directives and orders”. This part of the speech was quoted by one of CEC members who said: “But we know who is issuing decrees, directives and orders that is why this is an offense”.

Volchak Aleh stood for the elections in Staravilenski election district #105. The registration was cancelled as a result of distribution of false leaflets – photo copy made from a main A. Volchak’s leaflet to which falsely added “anti-Lukashenka” text.

Positive CEC decision was made only to the complaint Hanna Hatavets (Babrujsk-Pershamajskaja district #64) – a warning made by district electoral commission was cancelled. The warning was made because Hatavets made a scandal at the electoral commission when its members refused to tell her the amount of voters who participated in the pre-term elections.

Former candidates Aliaksandar Dabravolski, Valiantsina Palevikova, Aleh Vouchak, Aliaksandar Tsynkevich and others in their speeches in CEC mentioned numerous provocations during registration cancellation.


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