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Candidate Andrey Sumar Is Expelled from Technical University

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

According to RFE/RL

Andrey Sumar is a candidate who runs at Brest electoral circuit No. 2. Recently he has been expelled from Brest State Technical University. The formal reason is that Sumar hasn’t passed his exams for the previous year. However, the order for his expel was signed during the election campaign. Andrey Sumar believes it’s not an occasion. According to him, during the registration of his initiative group the university administration warned him that it won’t allow his participation in the parliamentary election as a candidate for deputy chair.

At first circuit election commission didn’t register him, but even after the interference of Central Election Commission the situation didn’t improve much. Andrey Sumar says this persecution can be caused by the fact that his surname reminds of the surname of the head of Brest Regional Executive Committee, which can help him to win over the present deputy of the Chamber of Representative Sviatlana Hil.

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