Proxies of BPF Candidate in Danger of Losing Jobs

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The candidate of Belarusian People’s Front in Shklow Ryhor Kastusiow said that the information that the administration of Bialynichy district was ordered to provide 60% of early votes proved to be true. He received the same information for Shklow district.

The administration of Shklow district was ordered to provide 60% of early votes as well. Heads of enterprises and institutions were ordered to provide such figure. According to Ryhor Kastusiow, head of Bialynichy District Executive Committee Ilyanaw threatened to fire his subordinates in case the official candidate, Kastusiow’s rival Kanapliow wasn’t elected.

Today Ryhor Kastusiow met with his proxy Mikalay Tsumaraw from the village of Tsiakhlin of Bialynichy district, who works as manager at Tsiakhlin secondary school. Tsumaraw said he was summoned by the school director Liliya Shakura, who warned that the vice-head of Bialynichy DEC Huzniakow ordered her to fire him.

On 5 October the administrative commission of Shklow DEC fined another Kastusiow’s proxy Aliaksandr Shcharbak 5 minimal wages (95 thousand rubles) for distribution of the internet reprints which, according to the commission, defamed other candidate (the reprint contained the list of Belarusian millionaires among which there was Mr. Kanapliow. The police have searched Aliaksandr Shcharbak, but didn’t find anything, that’s why the commission grounded its decision on written testimonies of two persons that Shcharbak gave them these fly-sheets.

Another Kastusiow’s assistant, Barys Vyrvich, was also fined 5 minimal wages because of written testimony against him. The police carried out unsanctioned search at his house and found there fly-sheets of “5+” coalition and the unregistered organization “Zubr”. Several “Zubr” newspapers and a number of the internet reprints with information about millionaires were confiscated from one more proxy, as a result of which Sklow circuit election commission warned Kastusiow for defamation of the other candidate.

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