They refuse to print leaflets “Say “NO” to Lukashenka” in Rechyca

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

BPF press service announced about it. State publishing house “Tytul” in Rechyca spoilt 10000 circulation of the leaflets with the phrase “Say “No” to Lukashenka at the referendum on October 17” which was ordered by BPF candidate from Svietlahorsk – Viktar Ramanishka. Another BPF candidate from Rechyca, Valer Pucicki, is refused in printing leaflets “Say “NO” to Lukashenka”.
On October 4 Viktar Ramanishka arrived to the printing house to take the leaflets and was surprised when he found that two names disappeared from the leaflets – Lukashenka’s and his own.
“I had a block there where it was written: “At the elections on October 17 say “Yes” to Ramanishka” with a tick nearby and below it was written: “At the referendum on October 17 say “NO” to Lukashenka” with the same tick nearby. In the end the following left: “At the elections on October 17 say… “YES”; at the Referendum on October 17 say “NO” …” and a tick and nothing else. Say something to somebody.
I refused to take this circulation and warned everybody that I would gather lots of reporters there. At the computer they found my leaflet which was already without these words. They say:”There is nothing here”. And I say: “Do not treat me as an idiot”. They found the first variant of the text and the model. They accused a young guy who designed the last variant.
They also promised that next day the leaflets will be printed anew. They obviously did it on purpose”.
Valer Pucicki informed:
“At first there was no problem. Everything was confirmed with Sviatlana Drahun - the director of the publishing house. I brought them two samples of the leaflet. About the second leaflet I told them that there will be written about the Referendum. She thought over that but said there would be no censorship.
Today half past two Vital Atamanchuk, the chairperson of Rechyca district election commission #46 who is at the same time vice-chair on ideology of regional executive committee, made a phone call to me and asked what kind of a leaflet I was preparing if there is nothing about Putsicki and only about Referendum and Lukashenka.
Definitely the leaflet is not only about Lukashenka but also agitates people to vote for me. But one of the aims is to agitate people t say “NO!”.
Atamanchuk proposed me to change the leaflet as there was time or they will refuse to print it. According to his words they will not agitate against the Referendum for state money and that I must make leaflets only about myself as a candidate but not agitate against Referendum.
The first part of my leaflets has been already printed with the circulation of 13 000 items. Tomorrow I am going to take them as there is no question about it. It contains the program of the “Five +” coalition as well as “no to the third term” slogan. But the second part of the leaflets with the circulation of only 3000 samples are not allowed for printing.
During a private talk when I came to the director she asked: “What kind of appeals did you make there? I have practically been fired today!”
I have called to CEC today but they said that everything is under the control of the regional Ideology department.


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