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Viktar Hanchar’s Wife Expresses Her Views on Third Presidency Chance to Lukashenka

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Zinaida Hanchar, wife of the missing oppositional politician Viktar Hanchar, expressed her opinion concerning the possibility that Lukashenka gets the right to run for the third presidential term as a result of the lawless referendum for the appropriate amendments to the Constitution in her public appeal:

All these years were the time of hard cross for my family, time of waiting and sufferings.

Many things have changed for this time – my son became adult and gave birth to my grandson, Viktar’s mother lost her health from grief and tears. Only the hope that we will finally find out what happened to our closest person gives me forces to life. However, with every day I am getting more and more convinced that this won’t happen during the rule of the present president. That’s why I have quite an ill attitude towards some events, such as declaration of the referendum concerning the prolongation of the powers of the acting president. The man, during whose rule political kidnaps have taken place and everything possible is made not to disclose them, has no moral right to pretend for further governing of the country.

To support the acting president in his craving to continue ruling the country is to sentence oneself to life in ignorance, lawlessness and fear.”

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