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Human Rights Activist Complains to Official Newspaper Concerning Mistakes

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The human rights activist Zmitser Salawiow complained to the editorial board of Ushachy district newspaper “Patriot” with the demand to disprove the incorrect information that was published there.

The newspaper published the personal date of the persons who registered their initiative groups that could collect signatures for their nomination as candidates to the Parliamentary election in electoral circuit No. 29 of Polatsk.

There were three mistakes In Zmitser Salawiow’s information:
1. The surname was writted Salaw’iow instead of Salawiow
2. The year of birth was 1966 instead of 1973
3. A linguistic mistake

At first the chief editor of the newspaper Fiodar Volakh refused to accept the complaint and registered it according to the legally established order. Volakh tried to refer to rulings of Central Election Commission and even called for the police, who went away on finding Salawiow’s demands were legal. Then Volakh registered the complaint and confessed that the editorial office was to blame in the made mistakes. Zmitser Salawiow, in his turn, demanded from the editorial office to disprove the incorrect information, saying that otherwise he will sue to court.

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