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Natalla Kalada Fined 150 USD for Publishing articles on Charter’97 Web-site

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

According to prosecutor’s office and court, Natalla Kalada violates the Code of Administrative Offences.
Judge Natalla Vaitsiakhovich considered the Ruling of Deputy Prosecutor General Mikalai Kupryanaw, proposing to start administrative proceedings against Natalla Kalada. The prosecutor believes publishing articles on Charter’97 web-site is an activity on behalf of an unregistered organization. Natalla Kalada was detained on December 10 last year during “We Remember!” action. She presented her press-card, and told the police officers she was present at the action as a journalist and was going to write about the action for the Charter’97 web-site. On the next day she had to give her official explanation to the police. Some time passed, and Natalla was summoned to the prosecutor’s General office.
During the trial Judge Natalla Vaitsiakhovich considered, what a civic initiative is, and if Charter’97 is a non-governmental organization. Having considered all arguments, the judge fined the journalist 20 basic values (about 150 USD). Harry Pahaniayla, deputy chair of the BHC, defended Kalada during the trial. In his opinion, Centralny borough court created a precedent, which might lead to serious consequences for NGOs, which are not registered by the Ministry of Justice, but run their own web-site.

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